Let’s define what constitutes High Quality Child Care

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I came across this definition written by Eva Cochran at Cornell University and said “Yes!”

“Our definition of quality mixes what researchers, child care providers, and other parents have learned together with a solid dose of common sense, drawn from our many years of personal and professional experience in both child development and child care. Searching for the best way to explain the meaning of quality, we found ourselves coming back to four basic words and phrases: caring, tuned in, respectful, and safe and secure.” As early childhood professionals we muddle through research articles,¬†position papers and on-going training and never have I heard quality so concisely defined. “Caring, tuned in, respectful and safe and secure.”

Why chose a daycare center for your children?

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Childcare centers are designed to be safe, enjoyable and learning-rich environments for your child. They go through rigorous licensing standards that really focus on safety first. NYS ‘s advocacy for quality childcare and education provides many opportunities for staff to grow professionally so age-appropriate learning activities are supervised by trained professionals whose specific area of expertise is¬†early childhood education.

Most parents do not have access to the combination of knowledge, time and money required to provide a steady stream of interactive and educational activities at home for their children each and every day.