Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

The Center is open from 6:30 AM through 6 PM, Monday through Friday. It will be closed on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve (closes at 3 PM)

What are your Health Care Policies?

Upon entering a licensed child care program NYS requires completion of a health assessment form by the child’s primary care provider. It is the parent’s responsibility to maintain current health and immunization records and notify the Center when changes occur. It is important that every parent cooperate fully with our health program. Our policies are designed to protect the well being of all children and to guard as much as possible against avoidable absences for health reasons.

The Learning Garden West cares for well children, mildly ill children, and children taking medication. A mildly ill child is a child who is ill but is still able to participate in daily classroom activities.

The Learning Garden West maintains several staff who are certified to administer medications and are regularly trained in CPR and First Aid.

Do You Have an Admission Policy?

The Learning Garden West provides quality care and educational opportunities for children and their families. The Learning Garden West is a non-discriminatory program and admits all students and staff from all races, religious beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, and national origin.

The Learning Garden West, we strive to maintain an environment which embraces all similarities and differences among our families and staff. Children are placed in groups that fit their developmental readiness as well as chronological age. Our staff will work with families to determine the best placement for their child.

When are Parent Teacher Conferences?

It is our goal to arrange at least two parent teacher per year with each family. These are usually held in February.

At any point you feel the need to discuss any aspect of your child’s enrollment or have questions regarding policies and procedures please contact us at any time and we would be happy to assist you.

Do you wish you could find childcare that will guarantee Kindergarten Readiness?

All  programs will tell you your child will be ready for Kindergarten. We have collaborated with school districts to be sure our students are prepared beyond the the standards currently established for kindergarten readiness. Our teachers are trained in the NYS common Core standards. In the event a student is challenged we will promptly notify you to discuss options which support the child’s success in their next educational milestone.

Do you want a pre school with a family feel to it?

The Learning Garden West has owned multiple sites but, honestly, our mission is to provide one big community unencumbered by cookie cutter policies that multi-site centers must put in place.

While we have clear policies for staff, children and families, we recognize that occasionally there are special circumstances that we are more than willing to explore with creative solutions.

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