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Looking for a Childcare that Guarantees Kindergarten Readiness?

Our educational programs will guarantee your child will be ready for Kindergarten. We have collaborated with school districts to be sure our students are prepared beyond the the standards currently established for kindergarten readiness. Our teachers are trained in the NYS common Core standards. In the event a student is challenged we will promptly notify you to discuss options which support the child’s success in their next educational milestone.

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Our Childcare Programs

Our Childcare Programs

Family Centered Care


Our youngest learners make the greatest strides when both the parents and caregivers work together.

Family Centered Care


Toddler care is about carefully balancing independence, interdependence and individuality.

Family Centered Care


Pre schoolers guide their own curriculum as teachers build learning goals around their interests.

Family Centered Care

School Age

After school care focuses on initiative, relationship building, good choices and homework club.

Family Centered Care

Drop Off

Drop Off Care is a great opportunity to introduce children to a structured learning program.

Why Choose The Learning Garden West?

All children are ready and eager to learn. From newborns to our oldest toddlers our High Reach curriculum is individualized based on teacher observation and theme based activities at varying levels of challenge to help children naturally succeed to the next level. In Pre school we use High Scope which is student driven and focuses on child choice, self evaluation and self-discovery through experiential learning.

The Learning Garden West family is made up of a diverse group of people aged 20 to 71 with varying educational backgrounds and experience in the field of early childhood.  We are a group of women and men of differing ethnic and religious backgrounds as well as former elementary school teachers, high school teachers and a retired childcare center owner. What ties us to together is the passion we share for quality educational care for children.

We use a keyless entry system, web based parent check, multiple emergency exits from every classroom, monthly safety inspections of the school and equipment and regular drills for fire, emergency lockdown and evacuation to an off site location.

Caring for children without caring for families is analogous to straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic. While part of that quote is attributed to Steven Covey the balance of it is foundational to how The Learning Garden West views the relationship with it’s families. We use a “real time” app to communicate throughout the day with you and offer a wide variety of family activities throughout the year.

A “YES” environment says YES my classroom is clean and safe for me, YES I can explore and play with all toys and educational materials in my room, YES my teachers offer me consistent limits and help through the tough times when I think their YES means NO to me, YES my teachers and caregivers are encouraging me to discover new ideas my own conclusions without judging me.

NYS regulations set the cost of care in our state. With few exceptions, tuition does not vary greatly among childcare centers. Our tuition falls within the midrange for the WNY area. Additionally, we accept families eligible for non-contracted subsidy through Erie County. This means certified, eligible families will be responsible for their fee plus absence days.


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