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lisa_jMy son has been going to The Learning Garden West since he was bout 8 months old (now 5) and he truly loves all the teachers he has had throughout his years at the Center. They are well qualified, genuine and care so much about the children. He has a wonderful bond with his teachers and and enjoys heading out in the morning to go to school. Am grateful for the love they show my son – it gives me such peace-of-mind when I have to head off to work – thank you so much for that.

– Lisa Jacuzzo, Lancaster, NY

kelly-kMy oldest son has been attending since he was 15 months old, and my youngest since he was an infant. Over the years I have watched them both flourish intellectually, emotionally, and physically. My favorite part of the day is picking them up and listening (non-stop mind you) to the exciting activities that filled their day. Tae Kwon Do, gym, playground, music, story time, and of course the all-time favorite being the waterpark.

I am filled with pride when they demonstrate to me the latest in their cognitive development….. Pointing out the newest letter, color, animal, or dance move that they learned with their friends. The staff are all very affectionate and attentive at all times. My husband’s and my hours are sometimes sporadic so we often show up randomly and unannounced. Never once have I ever hesitated to leave my children in their care. In fact, I am actually filled with sadness that my eldest will be leaving Kindergarten next year!

– Kelli Kirst, Amherst, NY

christy-tangelderI have been bringing my son here since he was 6 months old. I was extremely nervous and had many questions in the beginning. Between Lynn and Nettie, all of my questions were completely explained and my nervousness was put to ease. I never could have imagined how wonderful all of his teachers would be.

They all made me feel like my son was special to them. He will soon be turning 3 and is smarter than I ever could have dreamed for him at this point. I know this is due to all of the time and knowledge each one of them has put into him. Even though he has a couple more years until he starts kindergarten, I already know how much we will miss this wonderful place and the wonderful teachers.

– Christy Tangelder, Cheektowaga, NY

christineLeaving your child in someone else’s care is one of the hardest things I think a parent will ever make. However, once you get to know the teachers, it will be so much easier. They don’t just babysit your children; they invest their hearts in your children. They care about them and they encourage them just as a grandparent or aunt or uncle would do

You know your children are happy when they run into school in the morning and don’t want to leave when you pick them up. That is exactly what happens most days with my children! It is a wonderful environment for children and enrolling them is a decision that I have never doubted from the minute my children and I saw the love in their eyes for their teachers.

– Kristen Fredricks, Elma, NY

danielle-bAs a first time parent I had my reservations about putting my daughter in a day care center. After my first visit, my worries had disappeared. My daughter was 6 months when she was enrolled (now 3) and I could not be happier with the level of care she receives while my husband and I are at work. She has blossomed into such a smart, social and engaged child and I attribute much of this to the time she spends at school. My favorite story: our daughter was at the age where she was just starting to talk and while sitting at the dinner table she starts counting 1-10. My husband and I started at each other awestruck… “did you teach her that?” “No, did you?” She learned it at school! That is one example of many. They not only take care of my child while I work, they are preparing her for academic life as a student.

I highly recommend The Learning Garden West! So much so that I have referred many friends and family who are now referring their family and friends.

Our daughter loves her teachers, has made great friends and always looks forward to her special snack that is waiting for each student at the front desk at the end of each day.

– Danielle Bickel, Williamsville, NY

joseWe were referred by a neighbor who raved about the child care center. We have been using The Learning Garden West since our son was 2 ½ year old. Jayden is now 5 years old and in Kindergarten. We continue to use the “School Agers” program. Our son benefited from the structure and enriched learning environment provided at The Learning Garden West. We were extremely proud of him when he excelled in his kindergarten placement, which we know was a result of the curriculum. The Learning Garden West not only stimulates the mind but also the body thru various programs which we took part in, such as Soccer Shots, Kinder Motion and Music.

The Learning Garden West has and continues to be extremely accommodating. We are certified Erie County Foster parents and they even worked with us following the placement of our son and his subsequent adoption. We continue to use The Learning Garden West for our 9 month old foster child.

Thank you!

– Jose Correa, Williamsville, NY

I have 2 children that currently attend, ages 4 and 6 months.  I can confidently say The Learning Garden West always has the best interest of the child in mind at all times. The teachers truly care about the children and help them in every way to succeed. From tummy time to circle time, they are always engaging the children to learn new things. This is truly a wonderful place to send your children.

– Rachel Malina, Williamsville, NY

newthThe staff has proved to be professional, competent, and nurturing to our children.  My daughter excelled in her Kindergarten testing and we have The Learning Garden West to thank for that! We will be sad when we outgrow this childcare center, as they have been so flexible and accommodating with us.  They understand the needs of a busy working family and we cannot say enough great things about them!

– Kelly and Larry Newth, Williamsville, NY

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